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24th Feb, 2010

(no subject)

11th Oct, 2009

Drool worthy - Fig, chicken and arugula pizza (with goat cheese)

Every time I make this dish it changes. The ingredients, however, remain the same. Some fresh figs, sliced (this time, they were purred and caramelized, and used in as a base), chicken breast, arugula, goat cheese, ocassionally onions (this time - red, sauteed) and I can't forget honey. Make that honey glazed chicken breast. I'll make it a bit easier, and a touch more repetitive for you.

*Figs (fresh - 5 or so)
*Chicken breast (one big one)
*Goat cheese (the kind in a roll)
*Arugula (baby arugula is nice, slightly less bitter)
*Pizza Dough (make fresh, or check out the frozen section at your grocer, or see if you have an italian grocery store near by for a treat)
*red onions (optional)
*Honey (Use as a glaze with the chicken breast, and smooth over the stretched out pizza dough).

A very tasty dish indeed. To borrow a phrase from my boyfriend (regarding his mom's speciality dish), it's likely one of my 'courtin' dishes.' Having a boyfriend who purchased a bulk size of yeast especially for pizza dough making sure helps keep the love alive.

After nearly polishing off half a pizza each, I confessed that I was going to save a piece for later. So that he wouldn't be mad with jealousy, he insured he saved himself a piece as well. I consider this a sign that the food to heart path was located. :)

and what post-market dinner delight would be complete without a colorful arrangement?
Jean Talon market was filled to the brim with pumpkins, gourds, and all of our favorite foods like cabbage, brussels sprouts and "fractal broccoli - it's like eating a grade 10 math test." According to this blogger, it's called Romanesco -http://www.gregtakayama.com/broccoli-fractal-moment

Happy Harvest!

19th Jun, 2009

Now that's photography.

A lesson in juxtaposition, series, and more. Check it out!

"Some of these are poems, some of them are riffs on light, some of them are mini-photo essays, they operate on many levels."


10th Jun, 2009

moon birth.

First/Waxing Crescent: As a First Crescent individual, you are assertive, adventurous, and filled with joyous curiousity about life. Your creative disposition means that you have a need to expand your understanding, and it also helps you to look at problems from a fresh perspective. Because of this, you may often feel torn between the conventional approach and the desire to break new ground ~ a conflict between established and unorthodox approaches. You may also come up against restrictions to your plans and will need to find ways of overcoming these obstacles in order to achieve your aims in life. Your twenties and early thirties are likely to be especially productive and successful.

28th May, 2009

Sci-fi fantasy author cuteness?

Cats and fuzzy focus, how can you go wrong? This picture of neil gaiman with his cat is very cute. He is ridiculously active on twitter, in case you're curious about how much he likes his cats and promoting his stories.
(the answer is - a lot.)

Baah.. it wont let me.

So go look for yourself. (grumble grumble)


late breaking update!

Cuteness expanded upon, and available for cute kittie city rescue!


27th May, 2009

Here are some pics samples from workshops that I will hopefully be teaching this summer. Enjoy!

As always, saldy, photos best viewed in Safari due to strange photoshop imbedded color profile something or other.

If you've got kids in Montreal (or know of someone who does) consider sending them to a very awesome summer camp to take some sweet workshops with me!

now, for some close-ups!!

how to make dandelion coffee

Dandelion coffee is a pretty sweet coffee-substitute, but remember that it doesn't contain caffeine so there won't be any buzz. It's not as a bitter as coffee, and has a slight herbal taste to it. I'm quite a fan! Check out how to make your own, or, it's available in a powdered format too at very specialty health food stores. (I've found it in Kingston and in Vancouver so far!)

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25th May, 2009

(no subject)

Re-consider the "biodegradable" products you purchase, and your relationship to plastic bags:


This is a list of eco friendly things in Montreal provided by the Family magazine. Sure it has eco-friendly baby butt products, but it also has a list of all the environmental organizations in Mtl, and much more. Enjoy!


4th Apr, 2009

Cheap Electronics (USB key) near Atwater / Dawson College

Hi folks!
I'm in a rush and looking for a place to buy a USB key cheap in the Atwater area. Perhaps there's someone out there who can help a lady out?
I bought my last 2GB data key at Futureshop for 2.99, but have since been told they cannot be found there. Maybe I can't find one that cheap, but below $10 for a few GB would be good.

2nd Apr, 2009

photoshop tutorial class

So I taught photoshop again today. I like to hold onto whatever results from teaching a bunch of techniques and creative commons images. Here it is! A victorianish sci-fi steam punk film inspired art nouveau whateva.

Lyrics from "heart" by Stars that are revolving in my head:

Alright, I can say what you want me to,
Alright, I can do all the things you do,
Alright, I'll make it all up for you,
I'm still in love with you,
I'm still in love with you,

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