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one eye

Drool worthy - Fig, chicken and arugula pizza (with goat cheese)

Every time I make this dish it changes. The ingredients, however, remain the same. Some fresh figs, sliced (this time, they were purred and caramelized, and used in as a base), chicken breast, arugula, goat cheese, ocassionally onions (this time - red, sauteed) and I can't forget honey. Make that honey glazed chicken breast. I'll make it a bit easier, and a touch more repetitive for you.

*Figs (fresh - 5 or so)
*Chicken breast (one big one)
*Goat cheese (the kind in a roll)
*Arugula (baby arugula is nice, slightly less bitter)
*Pizza Dough (make fresh, or check out the frozen section at your grocer, or see if you have an italian grocery store near by for a treat)
*red onions (optional)
*Honey (Use as a glaze with the chicken breast, and smooth over the stretched out pizza dough).

A very tasty dish indeed. To borrow a phrase from my boyfriend (regarding his mom's speciality dish), it's likely one of my 'courtin' dishes.' Having a boyfriend who purchased a bulk size of yeast especially for pizza dough making sure helps keep the love alive.

After nearly polishing off half a pizza each, I confessed that I was going to save a piece for later. So that he wouldn't be mad with jealousy, he insured he saved himself a piece as well. I consider this a sign that the food to heart path was located. :)

and what post-market dinner delight would be complete without a colorful arrangement?
Jean Talon market was filled to the brim with pumpkins, gourds, and all of our favorite foods like cabbage, brussels sprouts and "fractal broccoli - it's like eating a grade 10 math test." According to this blogger, it's called Romanesco -http://www.gregtakayama.com/broccoli-fractal-moment

Happy Harvest!