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9th Mar, 2009

Steam Punkery

Lately I keep happening upon random net-requests for cogs gears and goggles all in the name of steampunk. It's certainly self-explanatory, but a little research never hurts!


for a visual steampunk rush click hereCollapse )

2nd Mar, 2009

The Tale of How


Click above to see a beautifully animated little short reminiscent of the Nightmare before Christmas / Tim Burton stylings.


21st Feb, 2009

Some play with my new digital tablet.

Click on the picture and give it a few seconds (20) to warm up, for a little flickering light surprise.

"Secrets in a midnight garden"

This'll take some getting used to and practice, but it sure is fun!

20th Feb, 2009

Anime - What relationship exists between (wo)man and machine? Time of Eve

So far I've only seen 3 episodes of this, and a trailer for the fourth but I have to say that I really appreciated it.

Think of that old iRobot movie staring Will Smith (is that what it was called? Seriously??) but make it anime (improvement) and then make it a thoughtful anime (even better!) with nice graphics (must see it - now!)

Or something like that. Well here you go. Some links for you


"In the not too distant future androids have come into common usage. Taking the androids for granted, humans treat them as if they were common everyday tools, however, some people are unhealthily attracted to the androids due to their human-like appearance (save for a digital ring floating above their heads). This has become a social problem and these people are frowned upon as a result. A public campaign has been formed to promote natural, non-android-assisted lifestyles, and the campaign is gaining traction in spite of the public benefit of robotics."
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Of_Eve


What can you do in New York with some garbage bags, a few subway cars, and duct tape?

Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Bag Monsters

From the video "info" on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH6xCT2aTSo
-> Call us boring and simple-minded, but before we saw the work of street artist Joshua Allen Harris we never once considered the artistic possibilities of subway exhaust. Using only tape and garbage bags, Harris creates giant inflatable animals that become animated when fastened to a sidewalk grate. Steven Psyllos caught up with Harris recently to discuss his older works (including a bear and a giraffe) and unveil a new beast that looks not unlike the Cloverfield monster. Video by Jonah Green

Joshua Harris uses recyclable / recycled materials to make "surprise" street sculptures in New York city.

(no subject)

Ok folks, so you want the best of both worlds?
You want your sci-fi action hero with your fine art gallery hoity-toity-ness? (thanks Jess for the hoity-toity reference... anyone is welcome to suggest alternate spellings there).

Well, you're in luck!

Jess Aylsworth of Concorida Art Ed shared this cool artist around today.

From Jess -

Here's the links on the artist Michèle Provost's images. She does a lot of work with embroidery - making comic books but with the image of a work of art, and so titles and themes the comic book "cover" appropriately to that painting. And she did a bunch of these hand made action figures from figures from works of art (historical and contemporary) and she packages them to look like action figure packages, with teh figure, and the image behind them, and facts....and she set it up like at a store, all on racks, some "out of stock", you could pick them up and look them over, etc. You get a sense that she was playing with the sense of consumerism of society, juxtaposing something that's mass produced, but this time made individually by hand and referring to unique items that are usually "priceless" and in the form of something that would see for like $15.


here's a tiny article on her (newpaper, so not very indepth)

3rd Feb, 2009

One of the most beautiful videos I've seen in awhile

This was posted on the blog of Porphye, a woman who has many lovely insights. To be truthful, I don't feel like pulling up the words to do her justice, so if you want to know more, simply go look.

Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

Also, it's a wicked example of stop motion animation & creative expression in the every day.

25th Jan, 2009

(no subject)

For your entertainment and consideration!

Gene Kelly tap dancing on roller skates

Street Tap Dancing, Claquette


15th Jan, 2009

(no subject)

This looks very interesting.
The original story/concept, and the movie based upon it.
I don't know where one could find it nearby, I got this sent in a mail out from the VanCity theater (the Vancouver International Film Center)

Vancity said:

[FLICK] Vancity Theatre Screenings
Canada, 2008, 75 min, DigiBeta
Directed By: Nik Sheehan

In 1958, while on a train, Brion Gysin experienced a strange psycho/physiological phenomenon: sunlight flickering through the trees as the train sped along induced a kind of euphoria, a drugless high. Gysin was compelled to invent a machine recreating his experience, one capable of producing the same effect in other viewers, Gysin's “dream machine” was meant to explore consciousness and to plumb the possibilities of the human brain. Though never successfully marketed to the public, the dream machine reached cult-like status in the artistic underground. Director Nik Sheehan uses Gysin's magical machine as the basis for a philosophical exploration of art's potential and the role of the artist. Was the dream machine simply inducing a physiological response, or is it capable of provoking transcendent visions? Gysin's wide scope of ideas inspired not only the Beats, but also the artists succeeding them, many of whom share their diverse thoughts on Gysin's work, including Marianne Faithfull, Kenneth Anger, Iggy Pop, and Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo. As one Gysin follower put it, “art doesn't stop when you close your eyes,” and neither do the questions Sheehan raises in his rich examination of an artist whose ideas about art and consciousness were radical and influential.

for a little more media!

Cats tripping out.

this is a nice example, too.

2nd Jan, 2009

pre-flight open internet window cleaning before computer shut-down.


ecological co-op products place in Montreal


a little (dare I say) unknown band that combines indie rock and reggae to make a pleasant combination. Sadly, I couldn't get a hold of their the CD they claimed to have released at their concert. Here's Hopin'!


This is a neat little band sandra referenced in her post. They sound delightful, and I don't want to loose track of them!

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