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laurelhart's Journal

21 November 1982
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animators, aqua, art education, art gifts, art trades, artist trading cards, assorted music, authentic smiles, autumn, baking, barter, blue greens, blues, buy local, chartreuse, children, christianity, collaboration, collaborative art, collage, collecting, community, community art, community programs, cottages, craigslist, crimson red, dance, darkroom photography, deep conversations, digital photography, diy, dreams, environmentalism, essential oils, experimental cooking, experimental living, faith, families, fancy papers, fetishes (not xxx), fixations, flirts, fogged-rain-spattered-windows, friend's obsessions, good friends, gourmet cooking, grass-roots, hand-made, holistic varia, hope, identity, indie rock, irises, jazz, key lime pie, kind bus strangers, labradorite, lanterns, lime and periwinkle/lavender, love, loyalty, mail art, meaningful moments, memory, mile end, missed connections, mixed media, montreal, moonstone, my oma, natural products, new experiences, nicely scented dishsoap, ocean, other cultures, other photographers, paisleys, passionate people, people, photography, photos, play, pleasant surprises, post secret, post-secondary, random laughter, random questions, random research, save the world, self-portraits, silver jewelry, sooke, sparrows, spirals, spirituality, still small voice, stories, strange socks, tall trees, tea, teaching, teal and orange/marigold, technology, teenagers, tell me yours, things-dancing-in-the-wind, thinking, trade, transience, vancouver, vanilla, victorian boots, visions, west coast, white rock, wind chimes, writing secretly